Croton Codiaeum Petra 10/12


It is one of the most showy thanks to its wide range of bright colors that it has on its leaves. The leaves are very hard and with ribs full of very attractive warm tones. It can reach about 90 cm in height. Thanks to its size, its special shape and the color of its leaves, it is an indoor plant with great ornamental value.

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It is not an easy plant to grow, it needs a lot of light but without direct exposure to the sun. In addition, we must avoid air currents. Sudden temperature changes are not recommended. It is also better if it can be kept in a temperature environment between 16 and 25ºC.

The soil on which to grow it must be a mixture of equal parts of substrate, peat and sand. In this way we will ensure that it has good drainage. It is recommended to transplant it two years after its purchase and to a pot two measures higher.


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