70c6c06e 1067 4af9 9952 0dbc909be03dJurakan is a Maya Kʼicheʼ deity mentioned in the holy book Popol Vuh, known as one of the three gods that created the universe and humanity. Jurakan means "Heart of Heaven, Heart of Earth", invoking the inexorable and indivisible connection between the sky, water, earth, nature and human beings. The spirit of our company is to always be connected with the elements that surround us and that make it possible to produce plants in this fertile land in the center of the Americas, Guatemala.
Jurakan is a trading company of plants for interior decoration of the highest quality. Established in 2004 with the purpose of bringing the production of plants and foliage of Guatemala, closer to buyers in the United States of America. We believe in building long-term relationships through the dedicated management of our client portfolio, eliminating technical and phytosanitary, logistics and commercial, and language barriers.
Buyers know the producers, their products and a balance is achieved between quality, opportunity and price.
Guatemala is geographically located closer to the most important commercial partner in the continent, and Jurakan, through its commercial relationships, generates competitive value so that the different varieties of plants and foliage for interiors reaches the market before other producing countries.
Jurakan sells plants from producers who mostly employ women heads of household on a well-paid basis. It promotes the intelligent environmental management of land and water with farms certified in the sustainable management of their operations by the government entities responsible at the Ministry of Agriculture (MAGA) and the Non-traditional Products Exporters Association (AGEXPORT)